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Where are you from?
I am from Abergavenny in Wales but I grew up in Italy.

How long have you been skating for?
I started skating when I was 10 but had to stop at 16. Then picked it up again at 21/22 and haven't looked back!

What made you start skating?
My older brother had an old school fish board and asked me to try and Ollie. Managed a 2cm one first go so he went out and bought a cheap board with me and took me & my little brother out with him whenever he went skating.

What's your favorite place to ride right now?
I have absolutely fallen in love with Barcelona and its sister city Badalona! So many good street spots for all ability levels!

What's your latest trick?
Recently learned how to kick flip pivot and kick flip 50-50 revert on street banks.

What music are you listening to?
I listen to anything apart from gangster rap, pop and that poor excuse for R&B that's being produced nowadays. My favourite stuff is from at least 5 decades ago though... bands like Creedence Clearwater Revival & The Beatles. Also my mates band The Mispers - they're amazing!

What is your favourite food?
Favourite food is by far Pizza! Have been known to eat them for more than one meal in a day!

What other stuff are you doing?
Other than skateboarding my days are pretty much taken up by work but I love to read, cook and watch comedy films.

Who are you riding for?
I am riding for Rokeo Skate and TEN Skateboards.

Funniest story about skateboarding?
I don't have a funniest story about skateboarding because I have a funniest skate mate. Anita Arvelo Almonte. She is just too much fun and every skate with her is hilarious!

Something you’d be really hyped to land?
I'm hyped on landing any new trick really!

Say hello to?
I'd like to say hi to my brothers for being the best motivators, my boyfriend Paul Parker, the Rokeo and TEN Skateboards crew and all of the amazing skaters I have had the privilege of meeting over the years.